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Here you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions, however should your question not be answered please contact us using the contact details.


Do I need a Pet Passport?

YES all animals traveling through any EU country require a EU pet passport. Details can be found on the Defra website for the UK or your local Vet or Animal Health Dept. Details of the UK Scheme can be found on the following link

Defra Information


How much will it cost me?

This varies on the animal type and also the start and end location. We tailor each quote based on your requirements. We offer discounts for Rescue dogs and also multiple animals from the same address. We aim to be competitive and affordable to all.


Can you arrange a flight for my pet?

Yes. We can arrange air travel to any worldwide destination. See our Air Travel page for more information.


Can I travel with my pet?

We are not a licenced private hire taxi, We are not insured to carry passengers for trips across Europe.


Im moving in Spain or my Home Country can you provide transport?

Yes we can provide any kind of Local, National, or European transport contact us for details


How Long is the Journey?

This is difficult to say due to traffic and Euro tunnel or Ferry delays, But on average we allow 48 hours from collection to delivery (subject to end destination) We will always inform you by email / text of any delays on our route.


What if my pet is taken ill during the trip?

We have a list of vets in Towns and villages on our route. Should your pet become ill we will take all reasonable steps to make them comfortable and administer basic first aid and divert to the nearest vets available. We will of course keep your informed at all times.


Will you walk or exercise my pet?

Yes all pets where practicable will be exercised in regular intervals.


Will you feed my pet?

Yes we will feed your pet in accordance with your instructions.


Will my pet have access to fresh water?

Yes all our passengers will be given fresh water throuout the journey


My dog is nervous should I sedate them?

NO, We do not recommended sedating any pet prior to travel. Your local pet store or vet will be able to provide you with calming / travel sickness tablets for your pet. We will make sure that your pet is as comfortable as possible and stays calm during the journey.


What if my animal bites you?

Accidents do happen and this is a hazard of the Job. If you have a particular aggressive pet we would ask you to board and unload the pet into our vehicle and supply a muzzle. (we do have muzzles on board should we feel it necessary to use one)



What if your Van breaks down or has a accident

In the unlikely event of a breakdown or accident we have full European breakdown and accident cover, which would provide us with a replacement vehicle to complete the trip. Our main priority is the animal’s safety and to make sure they arrive as soon as possible.


Are my Details Safe?

Yes we don not pass any details onto any 3rd party unless the law requies us to and are registered with the ICO and will only be used to manage your booking and stored in accordance with UK law. Please Contact Us for more information.








Frequently Asked Questions